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Andrea Hazen

Andrea Hazen,


My enduring love of art, architecture and design has led to a life now divided among New York, Paris and Chicago. I believe that whether inhabiting a private residence, a corporate office or a public space, art should bring pleasure and enrich the everyday experience.

My expertise in the art market benefits from my uninterrupted circulation in the international art world. Residing in both the United States and France allows me broad access to art fairs, galleries and museum exhibits, which continuously expands and refreshes my database of knowledge and influence.

For almost 30 years, I have helped to build collections for individuals, corporations and real estate developments across the United States. Before opening my own advisory business in New York City in 2002, I worked with the renowned art advisor Patti Gilford for nine years, helping her build her business, working with countless private and corporate clients. I received degrees in Studio Art and Art History from Saint Mary’s College at Notre Dame including one year of Architecture studies at the University of Notre Dame and completed a secondary degree in Interior Architecture at Harrington Institute in Chicago.

From my earliest memories as a child in the Midwest, art, architecture and design have been the source of my curiosity, passion and wonder.

Andrea is an Executive Member of the Association of Professional Art Advisors (APAA) and has been a Contributing Writer on art and culture for Whitewall Magazine.