• Diana Thater, Andrea Hazen, Hazen Partners
  • Rudolf Stingel, Andrea Hazen, Hazen Art Advisory, Hazen Advisory, Hazen Partners
  • Joan Mitchell, Andrea Hazen, Hazen Partners
  • Yoshitomo Nara, Andrea Hazen, Hazen Partners
  • Wolfgang Tillmans, Andrea Hazen, Hazen Partners
  • Pierre Bonnard, Andrea Hazen, Hazen Art Advisory
  • Nick Cave, Andrea Hazen, Hazen Art Advisory
  • Henri Fantin-Latour
Hazen Art Advisory provides art consultation services to individual collectors and corporations as well as to the architecture & design community.

Hazen Art Advisory develops art collections that reflect the individuality of each client while maintaining the integrity of the interior environment. 

Access to the international art community, coupled with a comprehensive knowledge of the art market and trends, enables Hazen Art Advisory to create collections that inspire and endure.