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  • Henri Fantin-Latour

Hazen Art Advisory provides art consultation services to individual collectors and corporations as well as to the architecture & design community.

Hazen Art Advisory develops art collections that reflect the individuality of each client while maintaining the integrity of the interior environment. My clients vary from people who simply want to live and enjoy their art collections to private and public collections whose aim it is to create legacy and investment value, and to tell their story through art. Each collection I help to build serves as a unique visual representation of a client’s identity.

The art world is complex and difficult to navigate without a deep understanding of its nuances. Investments in art greatly benefit from the counsel of a seasoned and trusted art advisor with impeccable credentials. My long-standing relationships in the international art world and expertise in art, architecture and design have earned me the trust of a wide array of clients. My job is to ensure confidence and excitement in building collections for life.